Danika Accomplishes Goals

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

101 Things in 1001 Days

I am a goal oriented person. I like goals. I set goals and I achieve them. So, based on another website, I have decided to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days. I encourage others to join me. Let's achieve our goals.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Start Date: July 4, 2007 End Date: April 1, 2010

1) Photo document house for insurance purposes
2) Type an accompanying list of items in house for insurance purposes
3) Burn photo documentation and list to cd and distribute to at least three trusted people outside of home
4) Write a will
5) Read entire Bible
6) Get a suit 9/24/08
7) Create an address book with addresses of friends, family, and co-workers
8) Copy phone numbers in phone to some other source 7/12/07
9) Scan all of my pictures to my computer
10) Backup computer 7/14/08
11) Get rid of ugly backyard tree 7/13/07
12) Buy a digital camera 7/4/07
13) Install programmable thermostat 12/31/07
14) Program the programmable thermostat 12/31/07
15) Hang up pictures in office 9/24/07
16) Make a list of my top 25 beers ever
17) Replace dome light in car 8/4/07

18) Open a Roth IRA 10/30/07
19) Fully Fund Roth in 2008 FAIL
20) Fully Fund Roth in 2009 FAIL
21) Get net worth into the black 11/02/07
22) Pay off SELF loan 1 7/21/08
23) Pay off SELF loan 2 1/26/09
24) Pay off SELF loan 3 8/12/09
25) Pay off SELF loan 4 3/18/08
26) Pay off PLUS loan
27) Pay off Stafford loan
28) Pay off car 3/18/08
29) Build up emergency fund to three months salary
30) Get someone else on a debt reduction plan
31) Sell old computer 9/19/07

32) Floss daily for 2 weeks 7/23/07
33) Be able to do 75 push-ups straight
34) Do five one-armed pushups straight
35) Eat breakfast every day for two weeks 1/27/08
36) Go to doctor for check-up in 2007 10/15/07
37) Go to doctor for check-up in 2008 10/29/08
38) Go to doctor for check-up in 2009 10/22/09
39) Go to dentist for check-up in 2008 FAIL
40) Go to dentist for check-up in 2009 5/18/09
41) Go to dentist for check-up in 2010
42) Get cholesterol tested 10/15/07
43) Take vitamins everyday for two weeks 7/4/08

44) Paint basement ceiling 2/8/09
45) Build basement bathroom
46) Finish basement floor 6/21/09
47) Paint basement stairs
48) Redo porch floor
49) Paint basement bar 3/21/09
50) Install basement bar 5/2/09
51) Paint basement bench 4/4/09
52) Paint basement bricks 1/31/09
53) Refinish dining room table
54) Finish moving rocks on side of house 9/16/07
55) Replace rocks with mulch 9/16/07
56) Clean garage
57) Clean bird poop off second story windows 7/21/07
58) Replace cracked window panes in house
59) Clean awning 7/21/07
60) Paint bathroom 8/1/09
61) Replace hardware on blinds in house 9/15/07

62) Re-visit Walker Art Center
63) Re-visit Institute of Art
64) Visit a new country
65) Use my passport to get into Canada
66) Meet my nephew 9/1/07
67) Ride the light rail
68) Visit local food co-op 11/29/08
69) Visit five new states 5/22/08 (8 new states)

70) Skydive
71) Bowl a 150 game
72) Bowl a 175 game
73) Bowl a 200 game
74) Golf 18 holes twice 6/2/08 (2/2)
75) Take a hot air balloon ride
76) Eat at the Melting Pot 12/4/09
77) Read Harry Potter 6 7/10/09
78) Read Harry Potter 7 12/31/09
79) Make mead
80) Play poker in a free tournament
81) Brew ten more beers 11/15/09 (10/10)
82) Host an iron-chef style cookoff
83) Attain an A on Light Mode on every song in DDR Max 2 10/18/08
84) Pass every song on Standard Mode in DDR Max 2 1/1/08

85) Give at least two bags of clothing to a charity 7/1/08
86) Give blood
87) Apply for a new job, even if it is only to figure out if I have enough skill to move forward 9/19/08
88) Learn all the world capitals
89) Watch all the DVDs I own that I haven’t seen
90) Send 20 postcards (19/20)
91) Cook a whole bird (turkey, chicken, goose or the like)
92) Read A People’s History of the United States
93) Bring lunch to work for two weeks straight 9/28/07
94) Apply for game show
95) Drink a mint julep 5/23/08
96) Work my way through my Spanish study books
97) Go to a Spanish conversation group at least 3 times (0/3)
98) Make quilt for me
99) Create a website with my list, and keep it updated 7/10/07
100) Get up at 7AM daily for one week
101) Throw party for finishing list

Monday, May 08, 2006

David Blaine is a Farce

David Blaine is a farce. So, for the past two weeks, David Blaine and his TV promos have promised that he would break the world record ... he would either hold his breath for 9 minutes and break the world record, or he would die. Well, I watched this live stunt, completely convinced that he would succeed. I've seen many magic illusions on TV. I've seen David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear. I've seen him walk through the great wall of china and make the orient express disappear. So, I was fully convinced that a magician/illusionist does not attempt a live TV stunt unless he can succeed. So, I watch the D. Blaine hold his breath, and somehow the first five minutes of him sitting in water are fanscinating. I can't even blink. Then he releases his chain holds. It took him about 2 minutes to release his handcuffs, but I am sure that an good illusionist can release handcuffs in 2 seconds flat, so I thought he was milking for time.

After the two minutes of handcuffs, he pops up for air. What?!?! I was watching for two reasons. I was either going to see him break the world record (which was previously and still is 8:58), or I was going to see him die. Failure on both accounts. Waste of my time. What is television coming to when you cannot even believe the promos? Damn. He came up at 7:08, and they praised him for staying under water for the seven days prior to the occasion.

(To David Blaine)
False. No praise for you David Blaine. You lied to me and America. I watched a solid 20 mintues of your two hour special and you dissappointed. If I was in charge of television...if I was Jerry Bruckheimer ... you would have no more television specials. You would work at Wendy's and ask me if I would like fries with that. And, yes, David Blaine, I would like fries with that, and don't skimp on the ketchup this time. That is your future. Quit lying to me. Next time you say that you will break the world record or die, I expect to see one of the two options. Enjoy your future as a fry cook. You deserve it.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Refund this!

Much to my shock and amazment, there was an additional 800 some dollars in my checking account when I got home from work. This not being pay day, I was surprised. Then I realized... the federal government gave me my tax refund without an audit. I am truly amazed. The primary reason I was expecting an audit, is that a former employer refused to issue me a W2 form. Apparently, even after proper notification of a new address, they sent the W2's to my old address. I politely asked them to reissue them to me, and they said that was impossible. I kindly reminded them of their legal obligation to get me a W2 by January 31st at the latest. They said it wasn't going to happen, and I should deal.

Anyway - no audit.

So, as I was lying in the bathtub this afternoon, weighing the option of what to do with my new found wealth, I was hit with many options:
A. Pay down the student loans
B. Pay down the car
C. Afford groceries
D. Put it in the meager savings account
E. Be able to pay next month's mortgage

In reality, all of the options seemed about equal in my mind. Until the best idea on earth came to me


Now, I all have to do is find one, and my life will be complete. They are hard to come by, but I feel with a little dedication, I can have one by morning. Wish me well in my quest.

- D

Friday, April 29, 2005


When you think of a coupon, what comes to mind? I think of being a child, a cutting the coupons out of the Sunday paper with my mom, because we were too poor to buy food without them. But, we'd save our 50 cents, or buy one - get one free, or something.

I'd assume, while not everyone shares my memories, you probably share my concept of a coupon.

Today, however, some fascist has given the name of "coupon" to a very non-coupon item. Student loan payments. How does my paying my student loans involve coupons? Every time I have to rip my "payment coupon" out of my "coupon book." Yet, I have never got a free payment, or half off, or anything other deal commonly associated with coupons.

If my two student loans that have coupon books isn't enough, I now have a coupon book for my car payment. Three damn coupon books that all cost me money.